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I have been following GDquest's "Your first game" tutorial, I made the function get_direction, however, it is not returning the Y component of Vector2. Here is the code:

```extends Actor

var strength_track = 0.0

func physicsprocess(delta: float) -> void:
var movedir = getdirection()
if move
dir.x == 0.0:
elif movedir.x < 0.0:
h = true
elif movedir.x > 0.0:
h = false
velocity = speed * movedir
velocity = move

func getdirection() -> Vector2:
return Vector2(
actionstrength("Right") - Input.getactionstrength("Left"),
-1.0 if Input.is
actionjustpressed("Jump") and isonfloor() else 1.0

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Actually your code should always return a value as conditional statement returns 1.0 as default on Y.

How can you say it is not returning a value?
As of now the default applies gravity and makes the player fall when it is not on floor.
Jump applies -1 giving a vertical impulse, only just after Jump button is pressed.

Just to verify you could mess around using isactionpressed() to verify that the jump input is correct.

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