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enter image description here background_mode is set to canvas
enter image description here

I want to reproduce this "color correction" in PS / GIMP / Python libraries or such tools. I could do it in game and save the viewport to .png, but it's inconvenient.

I tried gradient map in PS, but all layer blending modes didn't work.

I tried to learn the logic behind it. I read the source code, and I don't get it. It reads GradientTexture into shader as a sampler3D, and texture(correction_tex, color).rgb; just one line code and it's done. How do you convert a gradient to 3d texture; what does it mean? (And I'm a beginner at shader.)

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not really a Godot question, but I would guess to reproduce you would be making layer masks. next to impossible to give an answer to this though without an original image to compare against

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