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Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing? If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension).

Both files are in the same directory, but the error occurs

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i dont know whats going on there but let me show you the prequisits that can lead to this error ....

* This method is responsible for loading a project.godot file and/or data file
* using the following merit order:
* - If using NetworkClient, try to lookup project file or fail.
* - If --main-pack was passed by the user (p_main_pack), load it or fail.
* - Search for project PCKs automatically. For each step we try loading a potential
* PCK, and if it doesn't work, we proceed to the next step. If any step succeeds,
* we try loading the project settings, and abort if it fails. Steps:
* o Bundled PCK in the executable.
* o [macOS only] PCK with same basename as the binary in the .app resource dir.
* o PCK with same basename as the binary in the binary's directory. We handle both
* changing the extension to '.pck' (e.g. 'wingame.exe' -> 'wingame.pck') and
* appending '.pck' to the binary name (e.g. 'linuxgame' -> 'linuxgame.pck').
* o PCK with the same basename as the binary in the current working directory.
* Same as above for the two possible PCK file names.
* - On relevant platforms (Android/iOS), lookup project file in OS resource path.
* If found, load it or fail.
* - Lookup project file in passed p_path (--path passed by the user), i.e. we
* are running from source code.
* If not found and p_upwards is true (--upwards passed by the user), look for
* project files in parent folders up to the system root (used to run a game
* from command line while in a subfolder).
* If a project file is found, load it or fail.
* If nothing was found, error out.

found here ...


line 328

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