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I've noticed that all assets I import and even hand written shaders are mixed slightly with a light blue color. I suspect the Godot engine is performing some sort of lighting calculation and adding an ambient light blue to everything. Is there a way to turn this off?

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just create a WorldEnvironment in your scene ...


there you can set the ambient light. You should also check if reflections are the cause of the blue tint.

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By default, your scene will be lit only from the environment, which however does not include actual lights, as if it was a cloudy day. If most of the sky is blue, your object will be blue.

You can start by adding a DirectionalLight, which acts like a sun, and will light up your scene with white much better. Then, if you want the sky to have less influence over the scene overall, you can tune it down by reducing the Sky Contribution property, in your default_env.tres resource file. You can also change sky color, or override the whole environment in that scene by adding a WorldEnvironment node to your scene with a custom Environment resource.

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