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I cannot get the Quad/Area to fire the mouseentered signal when the MOUSEMODECAPTURED option is set, nor the _unhandledinput callback for mouse movement & clicks.. I realize the mouse is snapped to the 'center' of the screen when this happens, so I've added a simple 'crosshair' at the very center of the screen so I know where the cursor is.

Based on the fact that this isn't working how I expected, I'm assuming I have to do something like raycast on every process callback to keep track of whether or not the mouse has entered the 'Area' and explicitly fire the event myself? Since _unhandledinput isn't being called - should I simply change that to _input?

Does anyone have an example of the correct way to handle this situation? I'm afraid that adding a raycast on every frame would be a super inefficient way to handle this, so I'm trying to avoid doing that if possible.

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