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I have a Gameplay scene where I have instanced Player scene that contains Player.gd script. The issue is that I have this function in my Player Script that is responsible for displaying score on screen :

func scoreDisplay():
    var scoretext = "Score : " + String(global.score)

This is scorelabel where score is of type CanvasLayer and is child of Gameplay node which is my main scene :

onready var scorelabel = get_parent().get_node("Score/RichTextLabel")

The issue is that when I call this in the func _process(delta) or func _physics_process(delta) the score gets updated but every frame it stacks up and goes on forever without clearing the previous text on label. If I call this in func _ready()then the score never updates. I don't know what the problem is. How can I fix the issue ?

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Add_text will add text.

scorelabel.text = scoretext

Will replace the text.

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Thank you so much ! It works

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