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Hi, I'm making an inventory system similar to final fantasy where there are two columns of rows with items, icons, and # of that item in your inventory.

I'm using an item list (maybe there's a better way to do it) and I can't seem to get both columns to be equal width that spread across the entire item list

As you can see the items only take up the left side of the full item list size, however I'd like them to take up the entire width, but evenly. When I change it to only 1 column though, it does indeed take up the entire side.

This might be a simple solution but I've checked around online and nothing came up. Any ideas? Perhaps ItemList might not be the way to go here.

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you could use a GridContainer and put ToolButtons in it.
This seems to work way better then the ItemList.

Just set everything to expand and the GridContainer even outs the width.

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Thank you very much! I'll give this a shot.

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