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RigidBody traspassing walls, its a golf ball and the golf stik is a kinemaric body that goes to mouse poition, but if i push the ball with it so hard the ball is traspassing walls.

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Do you mean that the ball is going through the wall? I'm kind of confused by the question.

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Yes... heheh sorry, my English is quite bad

I think that the problem is that the ball is going so fast that it travels farther in one frame than the thickness of the wall, so between physics frames it clips through the wall. I would try to make the walls thicker or the ball slower. If this isn’t the problem, it could be a bug, I’m not sure.

Chek the gif https://imgur.com/gallery/77wruJj to see the Problem

Huh I'm not sure, it might be a bug. I'm sorry.

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