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I am interested in making music for my game. I don't know what program/software to use. Does anyone have any suggestions on some free music programs?
(I use Windows 10.)


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I have no idea, but I know GD Quest does: 6 Amazing Programs I Use to Make Music: Free Software

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Thanks! I've seen the beginning of the video but was disappointed when he said they were Linux-only. Sorry I didn't mention that I use Windows.

Yes, he said Linux, but "They all work on Windows, MacOS, and Linux."

Ohhh. I must have misunderstood him. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Use LMMS - an open source DAW.

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I use BeepBox, it is really simple but quite good.

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I'm using Waveform (Paid) from Tracktion.
But there is also a free version, where you can use VST instruments, plugins and audio files.

It's worth a try:


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I know you asked for free, but if you want vst3 LMMS is not for you.

https://ardour.org It,s free if you can compile your self 6.5+ support vst3 on Windows (don't know about vst3 in self compiled)

Cheap but not free and opensource

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