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I've never messed around with Triplanar mapping before, but I get the idea of it from the doc's and some examples outside of Godot.

But when I try to implement it in the engine, I'm clearly not understanding where the textures of all the different planes go in the SpatialMaterial. I know there's the standard Albedo Texture that can be uploaded. I THINK that the other texture slot for Triplanar is the Detail_Albedo?(But then it seems to just overlay the texture on every axis like the original Albedo.)

I've never touched SpatialShaders and that type of scripting, so I don't know if that's the only way to make Triplanar work, but I really could use some guidance on this.

Maybe there's a Godot tutorial for it that someone knows of?
Or if someone can hint at where I put all the textures for the Material to use on each axis?

Thanks a bunch.

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Triplanar mapping does not use multiple textures. It only provides automatc uv mapping and texture blending. If you want to have different textures for each orientation you have to implement it on your own with a shader.

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I see, thank you very much for clarifying that.

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