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Aside from detecting in area2D, can i use groups to spawn a scene?

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This is actually an interesting question, and now I'm intrigued on what kind of project are you working that requires groups to spawn a scene.

But first, to answer your questions: groups are a way to tag nodes, so you can easily find and reference them through code. And yes, you can use groups to spawn a scene.

What is it that you are trying to do? and what are you currently doing?

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Well i want to spawn a random scene outside the camera2d so that my level was random every time, i once saw a game that repeatedly change the scene once it exited a scene to make it look endless link below to understand what i'm saying
I have an idea that i just have a area2d that have a signal body_exited outside the camera
That when the group called tiles exit the area2d it will spawn the next scene
I'm currently doing a roguelike platformer 2d sidescroll so the camera was fixed and only move left and right

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