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When I was coding a canon that shoots my player in the air, code started randomly appearing. I don't know what it is.

88 func onArea2Dbodyentered(body):
89 velocity.y = - 300
90 if onArea2Dbodynot_entered(body):

There were so many characters that I had to make it into a word document; when i saved the document, it took about 1 second to save, when usually it takes only a few milliseconds
The word document is 22kb, 20 pages, 6767 words, 105,641 characters (no spaces) and 112,405 characters with spaces. That's average 16 to 17 characters per word.

Please email me for the document.

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You might've created an infinite loop. Try redoing your code.

Where are you getting your code? Are you writing it yourself? Can you determine the number of lines of code in the Godot editor?

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