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Hi everyone,

up until now, getting a signal from another scene is a pretty straight forward thing to do:

$"../SceneName".connect("signal_name", self, "signal_name_received")

However, for some reason I don't succeed in getting a signal from another scene that itself is within another scene. (Error: get_node: Node not found: ../SceneName.)
I tried the path as well:

$"res://scenes/SceneName.tscn".connect("signal_name", self, "signal_name_received")

But nothing works.

What am I doing wrong? How can I set up the path to the signal-emitting scene?
Any suggestions?

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You need to connect instances of the scene, not the scene file itself:

var scene = load("res://scenes/SceneName.tscn").instance()
scene.connect("signalname", self, "signalname_received")

Preloads work, too (I'm assuming you already know how to arrange preloads):

var Scene = preload("res://scenes/SceneName.tscn")
var scene = Scene.instance()
scene.connect("signalname", self, "signalname_received")

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"at that moment", so it's not permanent, and that makes sense then! Thank you!
You are right, I realise I didn't grasp Nodes completely yet...

This question may help clear some things up, but the docs will probably be more useful.

Very helpful indeed, thank you!

Such paths can get quite long. And rearranging/adding/removing Nodes would disconnect everything affected...
But there is the extremely useful "find_node":

var some-name = gettree().getroot().find_node("SpriteButtonBase")
some-name.connect("that_button_was_just_released", self, "that_button_was_just_released_received")

This should always work, no matter if the tree is being changed etc.

You can also use export variables for NodePaths that change during development. The editor will let you pick any node from the scene tree while editing in the object inspector.
export (NodePath) var TargetPath

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