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Basically I have a camera attatched to a kinematicbody2d (player) so that I the camera follow the player, like in normal platformer games, but I can not get the menu to be positioned in the middle of the screen (where the camera is that follows the player, does anyone know how?
Edit: I solved it by making a canvaslayer node the child of my player, then I put the pause screen inside of it as it is now a part of the player, scripts still work, and you can do the same thing with the camera, without the canvas layer of course.

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Can you share your tree structure? If your menu is under a control node, put it under a CanvasLayer

It's all good, i made my menu a child of a canvas layer, so it followed the player.

It would be nice if you add the anwser and select it so others see how you solved it!

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