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in some methods after the brackets "()" there is a sign or what ever you call like this: " -> void" so can any body help me know what does it mean?

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The return type "void" means that no value is returned. If we capture the return value of such a void function, it will be Null, just like when no return value is specified and no return type is specified either.

func foo() -> void:
func bar():
var result = some_object.foo()
print(str(result)) # will print "Null"
result = bar()
print(str(result)) # will print "Null" again

In other languages, trying to capture the return value of a void function would result in an error at compile time, but script languages can be a bit different and more flexible.

IMO using " -> void:" is a way to communicate that no return value is forthcoming. You also can't have a "return value" statement in such a function in GDScript.

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ya, just being explicit about types which is not required but can expose some errors and warnings sometimes

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