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I have a "parent" scene called "Enemy" that exports an empty array of strings:

export(Array, String) var idles = []

Then I inherit this scene in some children, such as "EnemyRanged" and "EnemyMelee". When creating my levels, I put some of these two on my map, setting the array elements in the inspector in each of them.

The problem is: The array is always empty, despite adding elements using the inspector.

I've read that in previous versions, the array data was shared between all instances. Is that still a thing on 3.2?


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Yes, it's still an issue in Godot 3.2.2. However, if you remove "= []" in the declaration it seems to clear it up.

Please see this youtube video where Gonkee describes the same issue. However, several comments say removing "= []" fixes it. I have not tried this myself. Hope it works out!

Gonkee's Export Array Bug in Godot Youtube Video

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I can confirm that removing "=[]" fixes the issue.

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try exporting a PoolStringArray instead

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