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I'm trying to use Better Collada to export a First Person Shooter Arms rig together with a rigged gun.

Each rig has it's own actions, each with their own keyframes. Together they compose some common animations found in FPS games.

For example, take a look at this melee attack animation playing in Blender. The knife is parented to the rig's left hand. The knife follows the hand, as expected:

Animation playing in Blender

But, playing the same animation in Godot, the movement of the knife doesn't follow the hand around properly. There seems to be a timing issue. It describes the correct trajectory, but in a different time frame:

Animation Playing in Godot

I already tried baking the animations using multiple settings, including 'Clear Constraints', 'Visual Keying' and many other combination of settings, but the issue persists.

Any idea how to solve this?

Anyway, thank you guys!

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