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I'm studying this asset:

In res://Inventory/UI/ItemSlot.tscn, it has this line at the top:
onready var invcomp = getnode("../../../").inv_comp

What does that do?

I understand get_node is supposed to get the node using the node name and its parents. But from what I know "../" is supposed to address its parent. So in this case, it's 3 parents above. The script was added to the highest parent, so I don't know anymore.

Also what does ".inv_comp" do? I see that it's a variable?

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How do you know it is the highest parent? This scene could be instanced inside another scene during runtime. get_node("../../../") returns null when attached to highest parent.

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Thanks. I understand it now. It's calling a variable in a node 3 parents higher in the scene it is instanced in. This particular node is being added during runtime so it confused me.

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