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I need to get x decimals of a float, instead of all of them, for example:
8.56239 should be just 8.56
How to achieve this?

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Assuming you want the value as a string, this should work:

var a = "%.2f" % 8.56239
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You can also use stepify (link to docs)

var s = stepify(8.56239, 0.01)

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Thank you a lot, this one solved my problem. i did use it like this.

if stepify($timer.time_left,0.1) == 0.2:
       do stuff

timer time_left return a float around 1.23456 value like this and i was need of only first two...

Thanks.. I will never knew the function existed otherwise.

Looks like stepify isn't in Godot 4

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var twodecimals = str( BIGFLOATNUMBER ).pad_decimals(2)

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Perfect but i has to be float(str( BIGFLOATNUMBER ).pad_decimals(2)) or int(str( BIGFLOATNUMBER ).pad_decimals(2))

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