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I'd like to keep some nodes loaded into memory but not have them do anything. I know turning off their visibility literally just makes them invisible and doesn't help at all.

I've wondered if temporarily turning them into orphan nodes would work, but it sounds like a bad thing to do.

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Have you tried using set_process(false)?

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This seems to do the trick for nodes that have scripts attached, at least. I need to call it as a deferred function to make it work half the time though, but okay.

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you can have them paused and when you need them you can unpause them

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For Godot 4, see https://github.com/godotengine/godot-proposals/issues/1835

Code: node.set_process_mode(PROCESS_MODE_DISABLED) (see doc for other process modes)

Editor: select node, scroll to the bottom of the inspector and modify the Mode property via dropdown to the same enum values as in code

changing node process mode in editor

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