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I'm currently trying to build a top down world, with seven biomes that all butt up against each other, essentially what (I think) is called a non-binary tilemap.

So the plan is I have one master tilemap that defines all my artwork and 4 "artwork" tilemaps that will actually be the visible artwork. I can really easily figure out the bitmask value that should be being used in a tile by seeing what mastertilemaps overlap with my current artwork tile across all 4 tilemaps, however the artwork I'm using does not have identical arrangements of tiles across all biomes.

essentially I'm looking for a command like
setcell(x, y, tile, flipx, flip_y, transpose, AutotileBindings)

Otherwise I suppose I could just make all the artwork the same. But it would make life so much easier if I could just hijack the autotile function, or even just change how bitmaps are calculated.

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Answer so far is... no.

In the end I had to make all the spritesheets identically arranged and then create two dictionaries to go from bitmask to vector, and vector to bitmask...

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