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Hey folks,

Im trying to make a random item generator and want to use different art assets depending on the type of item is made. Each art asset is a grid with different sprites, so I want to first select the type of item, and then choose a random frame from that asset and use that for the sprite itself. Here is the code:

extends Area2D
var art_potions = preload("res://Assets/Art_Potion.tscn")
var art_medwep = preload("res://Assets/Art_MedWep.tscn")
onready var image = $Sprite

var possible_items = [

func _ready():

func roll_item_type():
    image = add_child(possible_items[0].instance())

func set_sprite():
    var image_h_number = image.get_hframes()
    var image_v_number = image.get_vframes()

    var hframe = randi() % image_h_number
    var vframe = randi() % image_v_number

    var randframe = Vector2(hframe, vframe)


the $Sprite is a sprite node bound to the item itself. it has the same art asset as art_potions. Changing the line from

onready var image = $Sprite


var image = null

gets me the same error.

The error is Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'gethframes' in base 'Nil'. The code works when the rollitemtype function is removed, so I guess the error comes from addchild, though I dont know how or why.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: The 'artpotions' and 'artmedwep' are bots scenes with only a Sprite node.

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This line
image = add_child(possible_items[0].instance())
creates child node inside the object this script is attached to ($Area2D/Sprite) and then image variable becomes a reference to that node or something, try print(image) to know for sure.
So at the moment you call image.get_hframes(), the image variable is anything but Sprite.
Try to create an instance first and add it as child after it's processed by set_sprite().

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Well you found the issue, it prints Null. However, it does actually also set the sprite as it should. Any tips on how to find the correct node?

EDIT: Well I got it to work. I added this
var selected_item = possible_items[0].instance()
and replaced most references to image and now it works. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I got it to work, looks like this now:

func roll_item_type():
    var selected_item = possible_items[0].instance()
    image = add_child(selected_item)

func set_sprite(selected_item):
    var image_h_number = selected_item.get_hframes()
    var image_v_number = selected_item.get_vframes()

    var hframe = randi() % image_h_number
    var vframe = randi() % image_v_number

    var randframe = Vector2(hframe, vframe)
    print(image_h_number, image_v_number, randframe)

I just had to make the Array adress into its own variable and now everything works like I wanted it to. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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