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I want to animate my Enemy with the Animation Player. When Moving left i want the animation player to play the Run Left animation. How can i get the movement direction?

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Thanks to p7f i got it working. For anyone who wants to know how you do it, here is the code:

if velocity.x < 0:

elif velocity.x > 0:

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Example Video

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You can get the linear_velocity property. If linear_velocity.x < 0 that means you are moving left.

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it says that linear velocity inst declared I tired something similar but with my code the enemy got a seizure

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if velocity.x < 0:

            elif velocity.x > 0:

            elif velocity.y < 0:

            elif velocity.y > 0:

If you are using a RigidBody (as i understood from your question) linear_velocity should be defined. Is the script of the rigid body where you are using that script?

my mistake, it's a kinematic body 2d. I mixed it up.

Ah, ok,
So from your code, i assume Runner_player is your animation player (you probably assigned something like var Runner_player = $AnimationPlayer or similar?), and velocity is a variable you defined to hold the velocity of the body. I dont see why your code wouldnt work.. would you share your full script? remember to use the code sample button for it.

i found the offender (i don't know how to say that in english, sorry)

i forget to remove:

sprite.flip_h = velocity.x < 0

thanks for your help, know it's working just fine. ^^

glado to help. You may add your own answer and select it so others can see its solved!

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if velocity.x < -abs(velocity.y):
elif velocity.x > abs(velocity.y):
if player.y < -abs(velocity.x):
elif player.y > abs(velocity.x):

The other methods made x the priority. So I came up with this way for my game.

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