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I've been tinkering for 2 weeks with this, hoping someone might chime in with some ideas.
I have a Node called water.... it's currently an Area2D with rectangle collision and a 32x32 sprite. The game is top down like Rimworld.

I am trying to do some procedural generation of maps. I can flood the map with water, and have given the water a bit of behavior to flow around a bit, gather and come to a stop.
So far so good. The area2D knows it was entered (by other water at this point) and the flow slows down until it stop.

I'm having trouble 'settling' it or reorganizing it after it generates and flows together - where is ends up all bunched together. Once it's stopped moving, what I would like is for it to snap to the nearest 32x32 point.

I don't have a tilemap in play at all, but in hindsight, I think maybe I should have used one, and done the procedural generation there instead of just free flowing nodes.

Can anyone give me some advice on this? Is there a way without a tile map to tell the Area2D 'water' not to touch each other and to snap to the nearest 32x32 position?

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