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I have an exported Color and I want a method to be called everytime I change it in the Editor. As I understand in GDScript, this is possible with setget. I tried the following

private Color col {
      get {return col;}
      set {col = value; setColor(0, col);}

where setColor is the method I want to call (to change a child nodes material albedo). But this crashed the editor and i can't even open the project unless I delete .mono.

I know I can also define the class as a Tool and put setColor in the process method, but I would rather not call it every frame unnecessarily.

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Ok I asked on Discord and my Idol, my shining star @Dael Grybel got me the answer:

In C#, you didn't specify an access modifier, so it's a private property. Properties, with a { get; set; } have an implied private field created behind the scenes. When you decide to customize the property a bit, and make the getter and setter have more logic to it, it no longer creates an implied private field (as I understand), so it's gonna not know what to do. if you write it like this:

public class myClass : Spatial {

     Color col;

     Color _col {
         get {return col;}
         set {col = value; 

It should be good.

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    [Export] private Texture _texture
    get {return _texture;}
    set {_texture = value;
    TileSet.TileSetTexture(0, _texture);

straightforward example

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