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Hi Godoters!
I have a spell node with script attached. Spell node has collision child node and a few particle nodes. I want to have a few types of spells. I am not sure if hiding child nodes is enough to save some CPU/processing power.

I wanted to do something like I have lets say particle2d called "fire" and "water".
When a spell is casted (spell have to be specific type) I hide other nodes.

Is it enough? Maybe should I do this in another way?

Thank you

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instead of hiding your node, you should use the emitting property:

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I would create a different scene for each spell if they look too different. If you are afraid of copy/pasting, you can have a base Spell scene and make the spells inherit from it. This way you don't have to hide stuff, because particles are just not there as you don't need them :)

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