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Hi, i have several collision layers being used in one scene. When i put this scene into an other bigger scene, it as an object gets forced into the first collision layer. So any body that was also put in the first layer in the bigger scene would collide with every body from the smaller scene, no matter which layer they were on originally. I want them to collide only with the bodies that were on the same collision layer in the smaller scene. So it's like i want the bigger scene to remember on which collision layer the bodies from the smaller scene were on. Is there a way to achieve this? Without separating smaller scene into several even smaller ones and putting them into different collision layers in the big one. And i mean i could also just put absolutely everything in one single scene and sort it out by layers over there, but it would get veeery messy and hard to maintain. Thanks.

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Someone told me that i could just make the imported scene local by clicking on it with RMB and edit the imported scene's nodes' collision layers after that. Case closed! Maybe there are some other interesting solutions, but this one works just fine.

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