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Hi All. When exporting the game to windows runnable (Win10) using the latest templates the game doesn't work properly. Roughly 50% of the game simply doesn't work as if scripts were missing. It works fine in debug but not after exporting. Any tips?

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Actually it's not just Windows. Just tried exporting to osx - same problem. Half the game just doesn't work. When I export with debug it works as expected (but of course I don't want the debug console when exporting a game...).

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OK I think I've got this. I searched the web for similar problems and found this thread on github: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/6961

Did't make much sense of it but I noticed 'assertion failed' on the screen shot. I remembered using assert to connect signals to buttons (I don't remember why - I think I had a problem previously with signals not connecting and someone suggested using assertions). Anyway, I removed the assertions and re-exported the game. It's working fine now. I read a little more and found that assertions only work in debug, so it kind of makes sense now...

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