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Hi guys,

I build a 100% thruster driven rigid body spaceship control. Rolling, strafing, yawing, de/acceleration etc... Everything is controlled by thrusters. And it works perfectly well :)

To realize that, I placed 16 simple Position3D nodes all over the ship where I wanted to have the thrusters placed. When I press the "rollleft" action on my joypad, I do a simple "addforce" on the specific thrusters etc.. etc...

The problem: Now I want to integrate collision shapes to test landing the ship on a platform. But when I add a collision shape and place it on the ships landing feet, the thrusters don't work anymore. The thrusters do not intersect with the collision shape and the collision shape is also not in the "force line".

I tried everyhting but no luck.

My structure:
- Player (Spatial)
- - Rigid Body
- - 3D Model (from Blender)
- - Collision Shape (this one works. I placed it as a small cube in the center)
- - - Thrusters (Spatial to group the thrusters)
- - - - Thruster 1
- - - - Thruster 2
- - - - Thruster 3 etc ....

Can you tell me why this happens?

And like I said: Everything works fine until I add the collision shapes.

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Okay, meanwhile I found out, that when I increase the power of my thrusters (by round about 10) the thrusters work again. But this does not make any sense to me. It looks like collision shapes increase the mass of the object. I that correct? As far as I know this is not mentioned in the documentation of Godot.

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