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I am trying to set up multiplayer for my game, this of course includes a chatbox. After seeing how a few others have done this, I decided to follow along and use a RichTextLabel. the setup is fairly straight forward:

enter image description here

extends Control

onready var chat_log = $VBoxContainer/RichTextLabel
onready var input_label = $VBoxContainer/HBoxContainer/Label
onready var input_field = $VBoxContainer/HBoxContainer/LineEdit

var groups = [
    {'name':'Global', 'color':'#ffffff'},
    {'name':'System', 'color':'#edbd00'},
    {'name':'Party', 'color':'#30f74f'},
    {'name':'Whisper', 'color':'#00ede8'},

var group_index = 0
var player_name = 'Test'
var input_focus = false

func _input(event):
    if event is InputEventKey:
        if event.is_action_released("T") and input_field != get_focus_owner():

func _on_LineEdit_text_entered(new_text):
    var message_info = {
    rpc("add_message", message_info)
    input_field.text = ''

sync func add_message(message_info):
    chat_log.text += '\n'
    chat_log.text += message_info['group'] + '/' + message_info['username'] + ': '
    chat_log.text += message_info['message']

func _on_OptionButton_item_selected(id):
    group_index = id

I would expect the rich text label to properly manage the linecount but for some reason it is stacking different players text on top of one another:
enter image description here
If anyone knows anything about this or what I'm doing wrong, I'd really appreciate the help.

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Your code looks fine. Have you made sure that there really is only one RichTextLabel? You can pause the game by pressing F7 and take a look at the remote scene tree.

enter image description here

This is a snap of the Remote scene tree. I believe there's only one :S

Mhm, looks fine as well. Can you upload an example project? I cannot reproduce your issue.


I am currently working off of the branch 'Experimental'

ChatBox is found under res://Player/PlayerGUI/ChatBox

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