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I'm having problem with collision detection using test_move, as seem in the gif.

The issue seem to be solved when I add 0.1 to rel_vec.x, this can too be seem on the gif, the collision with the right wall is using the vector with added value, and the left is not.

The const player.JUMPCORNERCORRECTION is 8, the same size of a tile.

Am I using the function wrongly?

Here's the code:

extends "res://characters/player/states/motion/motion.gd"

const HIGH_JUMP_FORCE = -180

func enter():
    player.velocity.y = HIGH_JUMP_FORCE

func update(delta: float):
    var input_dir = player.get_input_direction()

    _handle_horizontal_accel(input_dir.x, delta)

    # Half gravity jump peak
    if (player.velocity.y < player.JUMP_PEAK_THRESHOLD):
        player.apply_gravity(delta, player.JUMP_PEAK_GRAVITY_SCALE)

    var delta_y = player.velocity.y * delta
    if (player.velocity.y < 0 && player.test_move(player.global_transform, Vector2(0, delta_y))):
        _correct_jump_corner(player.JUMP_CORNER_CORRECTION, input_dir.x, delta_y)

    player.move(player.velocity, false)

func _correct_jump_corner(amount: int, dir: float, delta: float):
    if (dir >= 0):
        for i in range(1, amount + 1):
            if (!player.test_move(player.global_transform.translated(
                Vector2(i, 0)), Vector2(0.1, delta))):
                player.translate(Vector2(i, 0))

    if (dir <= 0):
        for i in range(-1, -(amount + 1), -1):
            if (!player.test_move(player.global_transform.translated(
                Vector2(i, 0)), Vector2(0, delta))):
                player.translate(Vector2(i, 0))
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