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I have looked at the Godot-Demos/viewport/2din3d demo and it helped with the basic idea for me. So I put a 3d Quad into my 3d world and will render 2d into that.

But... I linked the Quad to my camera so that is nice BUT... I am changing the camera's FOV as the game goes. That means the Quad changes size on the final screen display as the FOV changes. Which is not what I want for a HUD.

Should I change to doing 3din2d instead? That way the Quad goes away and has nothing to do with the camera. The HUD becomes an real overlay, if that is possible + I can figure it out some day.

asked Sep 6, 2016 in Engine by raould (102 points)

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you can rotate your Quad with the camera

answered Sep 6, 2016 by rustyStriker (1,079 points)
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