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I am trying to change rendering quality from my game, namely the Msaa filter, in rendering/quality/filters/msaa and the Allow Hidpi setting in display/window/dpi/allow_hidpi. I have tried the following code:
ProjectSettings.set_setting("display/window/dpi/allow_hidpi", true) ProjectSettings.save()
But it does not do anything, even when I stop it and restart it. The setting is not changed. I also am wondering, how do you change the msaa filter? I am not able to disable it by the code:
ProjectSettings.set_setting("rendering/quality/filters/msaa", 0)
or enable it by the code:
ProjectSettings.set_setting("rendering/quality/filters/msaa", 16)
again, I am running ProjectSettings.save().

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I found the answer. To do this, create a ConfigFile and save it to the directory of the executable. Name the ConfigFile "override.cfg".

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You can also change MSAA at run-time by modifying the root viewport's msaa property (get_viewport().msaa).

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