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I'm starting a project and decided to go ahead and use GDScript. I'm new to the engine and I encountered a problem with the function get_parent(). I checked in the documentation and it is a function of Node, which my class extends.

extends CardBase

class_name CardSummon

const SUMMON_RESOURCE = preload("res://src/Scene/Summon.tscn");

func summonchar():
var NewSummon = self.SUMMON

(Note: CardBase extends Node2D and therefore Node)

The error I got was: "error(9, 1): The method "get_parent" isn't declared in the current class. I don't see how this could be the case, so I'm hoping for some helpful input.

Thanks in advance!

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Sometimes godot has problems with multiple extensions of classes. I think is some kind of class caching problem.
I my case shutting down and restart godot and open and save the classes does solved the problem.
Have you tried this?

That apparently seems to work, it's pretty strange. Thanks!

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