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So - I already have a melee attack set up with a state machine that switches to the attack state when a button is pressed - and back to the move state when the animation ends. What I want is to simply create one or two more attacks that can optionally follow up the first attack if the player repeatedly presses the attack button in sequence. How would I go about something like this?

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Consider looking into the AnimationTree node. Another alternative is to build a state machine.

Here are some links to get you started:




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Like I said - I already have a state machine and animationtree set up for movement and attacking - I’m just not sure how to incorporate combos.

Create a new state that can only be entered from the "attacking" state for the next step in the combo. Repeat the process so there is yet another state that can only be entered from the "attacking-combo-1" state for the next step in the combo. Repeat until you reach the desired complexity. For example, adding different states depending on which attack button is pressed.

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