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Hey there, hope someone can help with this.

I've been trying to get animation to work in Godot, and I was able to get it to work before (with 4 frames, walking right). But then I tried to set up a 2 x 8 image (4 frames for all 4 directions), and it looks fine on the scene editor. However, when I push play to move the sprite around, it only displays a fourth of the sprite image. The animation looks like it's going through the 4 frames (for walking right), and I can move it around with it colliding with what I want it to collide with. But it's basically just showing a portion of the sprite image.

Any pointers will help!

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Perhaps providing a minimal project that reproduces the issue would be needed to help. Its hard to solve an issue like this without seeing anything.

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It may be a problem in the script

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