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Godot is not able to access the internet at all for me, an issue I first encountered when I was installing the export templates. These can be downloaded and installed from file, which meant that this wasn't an issue, until I had to do a custom android build, and it tries to download gradle and some other tools, and I'm not able to build it. There is not setting that I've seen to run Godot behind a network proxy, how could this be done?

TLDR: How do I set up HTTP and HTTPS proxy for godot?

asked Jul 20 in Engine by psear (107 points)

Shouldnt your os handle the proxy? I dont think godot has anything todo with proxy managment.

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This is a known issue; Godot currently doesn't obey the HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables. This would have to be added in HTTPClient.

answered Jul 21 by Calinou (6,560 points)
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