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How can I resize every Controlnode, so that everything is bigger but still on the screen, and so that the whole Controlstructer still works like before?

So I search something wich does the something like the scale property in a Node2d.
But the rect->scale property in a control node effects that things get out of the screen, which isnt good in userinterfaces.

Example: https://postimg.cc/bsbWtyZd

If you need more informations, please write this, to.

asked Jul 19 in Engine by Godot_Starter (266 points)
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I recommend looking into the anchor properties. Using them, you can tell a Control node how large it should be proportional to the size and location of its parent Control node.

Please post some images.

The anchor just tells the Controlnodes how it changes on different devices/monitors, but my case is different, because I just want to make it bigger forever (please tell me, if I misunderstood something)

@JimArtificer How can I add a image from my computer to this question?

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Scaling Control nodes is mainly intended to be done for animation purposes. To scale a project to multiple resolutions, use the 2d stretch mode as explained in Multiple resolutions.

answered Jul 21 by Calinou (6,520 points)
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If they are set properly, you can go to Size Flags and play with the Fill and Expand flags. Then you can increase the topmost Control.rect_size and the children will scale accordingly. This works well when using Containers.

answered Jul 21 by Sakaki (60 points)
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