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extends CanvasLayer

const PLAYER2 = preload("res://scenes/characters/players/player_2.tscn")
var player2 = PLAYER2.instance()

func ready():
container/fullhearts.rectsize.x = 144

func physicsprocess(delta):
$UIcontainer/ballcounter.text = str(balls)

func ballsChange():
balls -= 1

func healthChange():
$UIcontainer/fullhearts.rect_size.x -= 48

i have this script and every time i run the scene an error pops up that says:
Parser Error: Can't preload resource at path:

what does the error mean?

asked Jul 19 in Engine by mdubaisi (173 points)

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It means that file can't be loaded. Check that you have the path and file name correct and that you can open the scene in the editor.

answered Jul 19 by kidscancode (17,762 points)

thanks for your answer
but that didn't work

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