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This is maybe the dumbest and easiest thing but I can't figure it out. Does Godot automatically save any changes you make to your scenes and scripts, or do you have to manually save before exiting the program? I can save all scenes but I don't want to close the application before making sure all of my scripts and nodes are saved and will reappear when I open my (project name).godot. Thank you to anyone for answering this dumb question, I just couldn't find anything on the Q&A that wasn't talking about in-game save data.

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It's fine if you don't know this, especially if you're new to the Godot engine. Your scenes and project aren't saved automatically. There are ways to save your project, though.

  • Go to Scene -> Save Scene
  • Press Control + S (or Command + S for MacOS)
  • Try to exit the program, and the editor will prompt you to save the project

You can also make it automatically save the scene every so often. Go to Editor -> Editor Settings... Then navigate to Text Editor -> Files and set Autosave Interval Secs to the time in which the editor saves the scene. For instance, to save it every 10 minutes, set the interval to 600.

Edit: the "Autosave Interval..." part may only hold for scripts and other text editing parts. Still, you enable autosaving when the scene is run. Go to Editor Settings -> Run -> Auto Save and tick Save Before Running.

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I had no idea there was an autosave, I've been obsessively Ctrl+S'ing so much that I started doing it in Chrome and accidentally saving webpages...

I know that feel.

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