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I am making a simple card game in 2D and I have created my Sprites dynamically.

How can I attach a click event on them? I've seen that you can use Control or Area2D/RigitBody2D but is there something simpler for that?

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Have you seen the TextureButton node? You can attach a texture to it for various states (normal, pressed, hover, clicked, etc.). It also has the "pressed" signal that you can wire into your custom logic.

As @2D||!2D said, TextureButton is simple clickable sprite.

No, I haven't seen it, thanks for the tip. I am using gdscript for the card spawn, how does the wiring occur there?

Check out this discussion and this discussion. They should give you the information you need.

You can extend the TextureButton class. Inside this class, in the _ready() function, you can connect its "pressed" signal to a function in a card manager/etc and pass the card's name'id/etc to the the function in the card manager and treat it how you need to. That help at all?

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