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I'm really unfamiliar with the process of the custom building, and am trying to implement some in app purchases with GodotGooglePlayBilling, the issue is, due to my local network settings, Godot can't download anything (this happens with export templates, so I just downloaded them manually and installed from file). For the custom build, it gets stuck on downloading gradle, and then fails (obviously). I've downloaded the zip that it is trying to install, where do I unpack it?

TLDR: How do I manually install gradle for a custom export, where does the zip file go?

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I don't think Godot is able to use a local Gradle installation yet. It'll only attempt to call gradlew, not gradle.

Please open a proposal if you want this feature to be implemented.

I can do so, but obviously these files are unpacked somewhere, and if I just know where to put what, it should work. Figuring out why Godot doesn't like my network settings might also be a solution.

Did you ever found an answer for your question? The download with Godot takes ages if it even downloads and is not crashing while doing so.

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As mentioned by @Calinou, Godot attempts to call only gradlew and not gradle.

On windows I did below:

  1. Rename gradlew.bat to gradlew-old.bat (This is an optional step. You may choose to directly overwrite gradlew.bat in the next step)

  2. Create a new gradlew.bat (or edit the existing one) and put the below code:

    echo gradlew called with arguments %*

    @echo off
    set CMDLINEARGS=%*
    gradle %CMDLINEARGS%

This assumes that gradle is already installed and added in your "Path".

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Could you explain?

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