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I just download from official site gdnet then create a directory modules on .godot folder please take a look:

root@linux:~/.godot/modules/gdnet# dir
config.py gdnetevent.h gdnetmessage.h LICENSE.md
gdnetaddress.cpp gdnethost.cpp gdnetpeer.cpp README.md
address.h gdnethost.h gdnetpeer.h registertypes.cpp
event.cpp gdnetmessage.cpp gdnetqueue.h register_types.h

but godot not find this files? I will need compile source of godot?

how i can compile?


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You need to compile yourself, see:

You have to put the folder gdnet into godot_source_dir/modules not in ~/.godot/modules/

And please, format your text properly.

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Great explanation.Godot Compiled with gnet and project FPS online from member test running perfect in 40 FPS/second nice for dualcore machine

thanks a lot

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