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Imagine, like the original doom game. There's no y axis (up and down / vertical) movement. Is it possible to disable y axis movement on kinematicbody?

Here's what I tried:

func _ready():
set_axis_lock(PhysicsServer.BODY_AXIS_ANGULAR_Y & PhysicsServer.BODY_AXIS_LINEAR_Y, true)

However, it can still move on the y axis.

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Does just move_lock_y = true work?

No. The kinematic body can still go up. By up, i mean, e.g. walking on a slope (where the player should actually stop, instead of sliding up).

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Axis lock isn't implemented yet in KinematicBody: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/25798

As a workaround, call self.transform.origin.z = 0 every frame.

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I made my first pull request on the docs to clarify this.

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