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I am developing a VR application on Quest using Godot, and I want to save and load some data during the runtime. I follow the tutorial and this guide. I don't find the system throw any error, however, I either don't find where my saved files are. Does anyone encounter similar problems or have an idea for this problem or where I can find my saved files? Any help will be appreciated!

BTW, I checked the internal storage of Quest on PC through USB and did not files I expected.

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Did you enable the required file access permissions when exporting for Android?

Also try using a file manager app directly on the device.

HI, Calinou, I enabled read/write external permission at the export setting. Besides, I also request permissions at the runtime time if permission is not granted:

some pseudo code here
var perm = OS.get_granted_permissions()
if perm does not have android read/write external permission:
OS.request_permission(read/write external storage)

I looked at these two issues #1 and #2. From the discussion, it seemed that user:// is a hidden directory for each app and we can't find files under user:// with other file browsing app. Basically, I can do dir.open("user://") and list all content in this directory, and still I cannot find my saved folder and files through a file manager either on PC or Quest itself.

So, I tried to create a directory similar to #1 and #2 and wanted to save data there: dir.make_dir_recursive("/Android/data/com.godotengine.name/"), and this time it threw the error creating such folders.

Do you have any idea about my problems or any other approaches that I can find my saved data through a file manager? Appreciation in advance.

One interesting problem here: I definitely enabled read/write external storage (check at the android export), and I did see when compiling, there were several lines saying "adding permission READ/WRITE" etc. but when I tried to print what the granted permissions were by the OS, var perm = OS.get_granted_permissions(), it returned an empty array. Any idea to this problem?

I'm having the same issue. Was this solved? Would be very helpful to have the solution as an accepted answer below. Many thanks!

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please check the discussion for reference.

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