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Hi, I'm learning Godot script and I was asking myself if it was possible to return a array index from the value in? Idk if I am clear...

For example :

var array
var name

array = ["John", "Mathilde", "Marc", "Sophie"]

name = "John"

How can I find the array[index] from "John"?

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Are you trying to find the position of a certain element in the array? If so, have you tried the find() function?

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you can get the index by using the find() array function.


var array = ["john", "maria", "kyle", "jenny"]
var name = "kyle"

onready var index = array.find(name,0) #this will return an index no. or -1 if its not found.

check the godot docs for more details. array docs here

hope this helps!

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Thank you Dustin and Ertain ! I didn't know the function find(), I will get informations about. It seems it is what I need!

glad we helped! gamers help gamer and thats what makes us gamers.

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