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Hello there everyone I was wondering if Godot you have to code everything with the game such as the game menu and play. Also is there a plug in for mmo games or do you have to code it two. Next can you use nodes that don't need coding to make games and menus also can you remove the water mark or Do you have to keep it.

Now on to 3D models
One can you import 3D models from blender into Godot. Next can you import it in as fbx models or does it have to be a single format also can you I'mport player animations with out coding. Hope two here back soon thanks for reading.

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If you need a plugin for MMO, you're not able to make a MMO game, much less if you can't code. Also, many of the things you asked are in the documentation, so you should do a little research first.

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Godot provides base nodes for making menus, then you have to code a bit to execute the actions you want. In the next version 2.2 however you'll be able to use visual scripting like Unreal blueprint: http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2016/08/07/Godot-Engine-Visual-Scripting-First-Look.aspx (people can try it already if you compile the engine yourself from Github).

I don't think there is a plugin for doing MMO yet. In fact this is so complex I don't think it would just be one plugin, and certainly not easy to deploy. Anyways you have to code it too.

You can remove or change the splash screen in scene -> project settings -> application -> boot splash option. There is no watermark, only a splash screen.

You can import 3D models from any 3D software, you have to export them in OBJ or Collada first: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/tutorials/3d/importing_3d_meshes.html#doc-importing-3d-meshes.
FBX is not supported for licensing reasons: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/reference/faq.html?#why-is-fbx-not-supported-for-import

I never animated a 3D model in Godot so I cannot answer your last question. But I believe it's possible, for example the 3D demo project included in the demos package shows you can have 3D animations.

Sorry for being short at answering but you are asking too many things in one post. This is a Q/A website, there should be one question per post. Also, read the documentation and do some search before asking, you will find a lot already.

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Oh ok but thanks for the help anyway

When I import a model from blender with collada, all animations are in there. No need to code anything about that.

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