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Yo hello everyone! First time asking here, but this error is driving me crazy..

Got a client and a server separated proyects. All connected using the NetworkedMultiplayerENet module

I can make the server and 2 ppl joining it with no problem, but once i log in with the 3rd, RPCs spams the same error 24/7 , that it can't find the nodes of other players..

The same error appears with the 2nd peer joins, but joins anyway at the end (after waiting a little)

I have no idea what is going on and tried to rewrite the network script several times already..

ERROR: processgetnode: Failed to get cached path from RPC: World/ObjectsMap/Players/649869693.
At: core/io/multiplayer
ERROR: Invalid packet received. Requested node was not found.
At: core/io/multiplayer_api.cpp:204

Dont know if it happens to anyone else

PD: I thinks it has to be something about timing, the fact that the RPC for doing something with that node comes before the one that creates it..

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What's your process of loading pre-existing nodes onto newly connected clients like?

I have my load/spawning functions connected to the onconnected signals that get triggered whenever a new client connects. They then rpcid() to spawn the pre-existing nodes on the new player.

One thing to check is to look at the tree's of the clients in realtime (or paused) by running the clients with the editor and clicking 'remote' in the node hierarchy. Sometimes the node names may be mismatched.

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