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I hope you are all doing well.
I've started a project but when I download the assets that I made and put them into the Godot engine it isn't clear - kind of blurry. How could I fix this? Should I use aseprite and export if it's possible?

Thank you very much
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You need to disable filtering on pixel art textures. Otherwise, they'll look blurry when you zoom in.

  • Go to the FileSystem dock and select the texture.
  • Go to the Import dock and uncheck Filter.
  • Click Reimport.

You can do this by default for all textures by using the preset button in the top-right corner of the Import dock.

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Thank you!

Where do i go to the FileSystem?
Is it in Godot or aseprite?

Thank you once again!

You need to go to FileSystem in Godot. Then do the same as Calinou said.

Ok, thank you.


I had to go to:

  • Projects
  • FileSystem
  • Uncheck - something called - Use FBX

Thank you is this correct?

Thank you for your help.
I have watched a video from GD Quest and i have successfully fixed the blurriness

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