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So I'm developping this project in wich I have a navigation map where you can move. Think like the world map of Fallout 1 or 2.

How would you create "zones" of terrain? So depends where the player is (forest, mountain, road, etc) the movement or enemies vary.


currenttly I have a prototype where I use tiles on a tileset and identify on wich tile currently is the player, so I can apply the differences. But I want to do it in an image of a map.

I thought on area2D with poligon shapes, but it feels too sketchy.

Thanks in advance!

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I thought on area2D with poligon shapes, but it feels too sketchy.

Does it? Why? To me it sounds exactly like what you want!

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easy, you have the image in the background and put the tileset on top of it or behind it even, if not that you just use the area2d, nothing wrong with that.

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